How many people have just a vacuum in their house for cleaning their carpet and nothing else? Carpet is a huge investment in a home and something if you take care of properly it will last you a long time. There are certain steps you can take to ensure this happening and getting the most life possible out of your carpet.

Yes vacuuming is a necessary evil. Most of us learn to do it at an early age whether we like it or not. It is also the first step in maintaining a clean carpet. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week.

Another step to maintaining a beautiful and clean carpet is periodic deep cleaning. This is important to remove embedded soils, dust, Allergen’s, and other things that go deeply into it and can cause it to smell and use up its useful life.

Clean up spills right away. The longer a spill sits on your carpet the better the chance it will never come out. Some spills can eventually cause a hole in your carpet if not cleaned up quickly.

There are several brands of dry treatments and deodorizers that work great for helping maintain a beautiful carpet and keep it smelling fresh. Use these sparingly because sometimes too much of a good thing is bad over time because of its ingredients.

Periodic grooming helps a lot too. A small carpet rake is inexpensive and easy to use to get the job done. Raking helps to loosen fibres that have clustered and knotted together over time and become matted. If these matted spots are not removed they become a potential wear spot which will eventually ruin the carpet.

Another trick for maintaining a healthy carpet is periodically moving your furniture around. Furniture sitting in the same spot tends to produce a matted area which as we discussed before can really be harmful for your carpet.

Calling a professional such as for periodic cleaning is always a good idea. Find one that is reputable. They know their job well and can spot and prevent potential problems that may contribute to carpet deterioration.

It’s not a bad investment in your home to purchase good carpet. Just make sure to follow these simple steps outlined above to maintain it. With proper care a good carpet will last long into the future.